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Debt Recovery Committed to
Client Partnerships – Exceptional Service – Successful Results – Exceeding Expectations

Our mission is to satisfy consumer debt in a professional, courteous, cooperative and ethical manner. We believe that all people should pay their debts and that most people DO want to fulfill their financial obligations.

Leverage the CB1 Difference

 Our Model

  • No Collection, No Fee
  • Customized Accounts Receivable Management Processes
  • Volume Discounts
  • 24-Hour Client Account Access
  • Localized Legal Services
  • Free Credit Reporting to Major Credit Bureaus
  • Free and Timely Account Updates
  • Free Bankruptcy and Estate Claims

World Class Service

  • Attentive, prompt and personalized service
  • High client retention and satisfaction rates
  • Education for clients on topics specific to their industry.

Community Focused

  • Dedicated to our local economies and resources — We do not outsource any primary or support activities.
  • Engaged in local communities and charitable organizations

Powerfully Positioned

  • Collecting directly in all states where allowed by state law
  • Leveraging affiliations through American Collectors Association (ACA) for areas requiring special licensing and residence compliance
  • Proven legal representation and long-term partnerships with firms in Billings and Missoula

Technology and Innovation Driven

  • First agency in Montana to offer:
    • Computerization
    • Automated Credit Reporting
    • Electronic Funds Transfer
    • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Use industry leading data, software and services vendors
  • Consumers can use latest technology to pay on account, communicate and negotiate 24/7